App Features

Tap & Book Tap and book your next nail appointment 24 hours a day.

NailsPolished stores your favorite nail salon so you can book your next appointment fast, easy and at your convenience. Locating a new nail salon? NailsPolished uses GPS to determine your location, or you can simply input a zip code or city.

Cashless & Convenient Smudge free checkouts with PolishedPay.

No more digging through your purse and wallet with your new fresh set of nails. We’ve made it simple, fast and 100% secure. Let your nails dry smudge free and pay with PolishedPay.

Polished Reviews Give your nail salons the polished review they deserve.

Say goodbye to fake reviews, and say hello to reviews and pictures that only come from actual NailsPolished members.

Polished Points Get that next polish on us.

Earn polished points each time you book an appointment with NailsPolished. That next polish or foot massage is closer than you think.

Polished Gifts Cards Who doesn't like gifts?.

Buy gift cards for anyone, even if they are not a member. Instantly text or e-mail a gift card which can be redeemed at any nail salon within the NailsPolished Network.