A: NailsPolished does not charge a service fee for booking appointments or using the app, it’s FREE!

A: Nope! And if they do, please let us know at help@nailspolished.com

A: YES!!! It is actually safer than presenting your card at your favorite salon. We use the most robust solution in the industry which provides an inline frame with a transparent redirect and token processing. PCI Compliant servers capture and store the credit card data in our secure encrypted card vault.

A: Simply log in to your account online or through our mobile app and click on My PolishedPoints.

A: No-shows are quite disruptive to a nail salon business, so if any user no-shows an appointment, it will result in a loss of one PolishedPoint. Your PolishedPoints will remain in your account as long as you have activity in the past twelve months, otherwise it will go bye bye. To prevent no-shows on your account, make sure that you always modify or cancel your reservation if your plans change.

A: Yes! As long as your nail salon is part of the NailsPolished Network.

A: NailsPolished gift cards never expire. Yay!!!

A: Ask them to call us!!! We have a simple and easy membership process, they can be set up in minutes!

A: Feel free to contact us anytime at help@nailspolished.com